Thursday, February 15, 2018

Linking up to Kelly's Korner Singles Day...again.  Ha ha!  So the dates for the last post have changed just a bit.  I'm now 38 but still the same girl!  Send me an email if interested!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Show Us Your Singles!!

*Disclaimer* I totally cheated and copied this from a previous link up! ;)  Welcome to Show us your Singles Friday with Kelly's Korner.
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Ok, so this blogging is a first for me, and I've spent unspoken amounts of time trying to get it to right and reflect"me". (still doesn't look great! ha)  I wasn’t so sure about starting this and was talking to a friend about what to say.  She said “we all know you are funny so that shouldn’t be hard!”.  Um..yea, how on earth do you convey to a reader what you are like?! A little bio info…    

My name is Sarah, and I’m 33 years old.  I am from Virginia and have lived here except during my college years. I am a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina.  Currently I’m employed at a hospital in the registration department and have been working here 10 years.  I am very active in my church and help serve by being the nursery coordinator, managing the Facebook page, planning women’s ministries, and singing on the praise team. 

I have an 8 year old son who keeps me active with his school, and various sports he participates in.  I have 2 brothers, an adorable nephew and a baby cousin who is essentially my niece!  They love Aunt Sarah! Ha!

I would say some qualities about me include organization and planning, humor, and being a loyal friend.  I enjoy going to the gym but usually time gets away from me, and I can’t get there as much as I would like. My hobbies are shopping, getting together with friends, playing on the phone (love the Iphone!) and reading books and blogs and watching movies.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mid Week Catchup

It's Thursday but more importantly my Friday!  Week is almost done!!

The weekend before last we had a tournament and the boys won 3 out of 4 games!  Tournament champions!  It was really fun to see them get so excited and fun to be apart of history in the making..the very first tournament they will win in their athletic careers.  

*the white pants?!  Really?  Good thing they invented OxiClean*

Our church hosted a Serve Fest weekend and one of the projects was deep cleaning at the local crisis pregnancy center.  I did some vacuuming for about an hour and of course others felt it was a photographable moment.  Funny thing is during the night I had a terrible migraine and my friends attributed it to overworking the day before!  It must have been too much for me ;)

The Prince drew this unprompted on the patio one day.  Sweet!

says I (heart) You Mom.  Not sure why pic is distorted :(

School got out last Friday.  The Prince finished up the year on the Honor Roll and received the character award Honesty.  It was a good year.  Everyone has warned me to get prepared for 3rd grade.  Book reports and projects begin..

had to upload these last 2 pics from phone.  Can't get them over to center so- oh well!

Quilt progress: I've completed the 9 patches and hourglasses.  Now to lay out how they will be sewn.  Fun's just hard finding the time to complete!

Oh and my latest Netflix watch:
Love the Braverman family!  I thought I wouldn't like it at first but they really grew on me.  Working my way through Season 2!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yard Sales

The past two Saturdays The Prince's games have been postponed so we've been hitting up some yard sales.  We've had a lot of fun!  I didn't take a pic of all our treasures but these two really excited me.  
This came home to me for $1 and had some scratches on the top so I covered it in scrapbook paper.  I am right proud of myself for thinking of this!  I'm not the most crafty person out there :)

I can see myself getting comments about being an old lady with this purchase but again for only $1 I was excited!  Suits my Grandma personality!  

I added it to my desk and it's been perfect lighting for my latest obsession...

This past weekend I got Netflix (no clue why I hadn't done this before!) and LOVE LOVE watching this series!  It's a tragedy the other seasons aren't loaded on there.  I'm gonna have to figure out how to get them ASAP!  

My boy is starting piano lessons next week and will take them during the summer.  We'll see how it's going before committing to the school year.  He's excited about it and I'm so glad he can do this!  I really wanted him to take for the exposure of music, learning a new talent and being able to engage him in something during the summer.  Young Beethoven is coming this way!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun Survey

Age – 33 (I think!  I never can seem to keep up with this and honestly not even important anymore!  Let’s just say well on my way to 40.  DEPRESSING!)

Bed Size - Double
Chore You Hate – Cooking?  Not necessarily a chore but not something I enjoy doing!
Dogs – No thank you!!  I’m not into animals
Essential Start To My Day – Diet Coke

Favorite Color - Pink
Gold or Silver - Silver
House or Apartment - House
Instruments Played – piano and violin
Junk food – too extensive for this list!  Ha!  I love me some sweets and salty junk food is good too!

Kids – A Prince! 
Live - Virginia
Married – No but it’s definitely on my bucket list ;)
Never Again – hmm…do we really have time to list all those type of things?  Ha! 
Other Fun Fact – I was possibly born in the wrong era??  I would totally be a housewife vacuuming in pearls and high heels!

Pet Peeve -messes!  
Quote – “I can’t wait to retire”
Righty or Lefty – righty

Siblings - 2 Older brothers
Time You Wake Up - Early!  5:30.  I have to be at work at 6:30
University Attended – Southern Wesleyan in Central, SC
Veggies You Dislike – numerous!  Tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers
What Makes You Run Late – having a child!  I was always on time before I had to get an extra person ready!
X-Rays –never had one.  I’ve never broken any bones
Yum Food-covered in junk food I think!  But I do love some steak, rolls, and potatoes.  No..not a man!

Zoo Animal Favorite 
– again, no thanks!  Not an animal lover 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Busy, Busy

We've been so busy lately it seems!  Last week went by quickly and then the weekend was full of activities.  

One of my coworkers mentioned she had a brand new sewing machine that was given to her and she's never used and plans not to use it!  I made an offer and $30 later here is my new machine!  The sewing buddies confirmed this was a great deal and I definitely needed one!  Yay!  Also, last night a friend gifted me some supplies so I'm well on my way to old-ladyhood :)

On Friday night I hosted a shower for one of the girls at church and her theme was Owls.  My friend did a great job copying the look and creating a cake to match!  I looove coordination!  We played: Price is Right (guessing how much certain baby items cost), How Many Words can you make from Baby's Name, and Gift Bingo (writing down what you think she will receive, and as presents are opened you mark off your square).  

I got some good deals on Friday while out shopping.  One was this birthday gift for my nephew.  It was on a shelf with the price tag $6.88.  I went up to pay and it came up $17.88.  After price checking, it turned out Walmart shelved them incorrectly and I got for the cheaper price since it was their mistake!  Whoot!  Love a deal!

Speaking of deals..the Prince and I went to a yard sale at his school and got Battleship game for $1!  It was in excellent condition and looked like it was never even played.  He beat me 2 times in a row though :(

Finally, we've been busy keeping up with 2 baseball teams and practices, games, etc!  It's been a lot of fun though.  Here are the 2013 Giants.  Go #9!  He got a home run on Saturday!

We've both been recovering from allergies.  Can this pollen wash away already?!